Featured experiences - a chef at home


Biarritz is full of talent and it is a real pleasure to put them forward. Our team, which works with many service providers, knows how to suggest the most suitable people for your request. By listening to your desires and needs, they will redirect you to the best of them. Whether you want a full romantic meal at home, breakfast trays or simply mignardises, everything is possible, as long as you tell us the number of people of course ! 

Below are some of the service providers we are in contact with. Note that they are all from the region and work with fresh, local and seasonal products !

Les délices de saison

"A menu that follows the rhythm of the seasons". This is the first reason for the existence of Les délices de saison : to respect the products and their seasonality. The second is to cook only local products and thus, through creative gastronomy, to enhance the value of rich and powerful regions.